Mon Pauvre Coeur

"my poor heart"

everyone needs an outlet, here's mine

I want to be cool with you trust me, having mutual friends calls for a peaceful relationship & I think that we are both definitely mature enough for peace. However, at this current moment in time I have nothing nice to say to you so when I see you I will pretend like I don’t, when your friends mention you I will pretend like I don’t recall your name & when my mind wanders to you I will pretend like you were a person from a dream and my mind has simply conjured you up from imagination…

love this!!

so I’ve found someone really special & I want to shout it from rooftops and dance around people in circles but I’m scared to get too excited or happy because as soon as you have something, it becomes that much easier to lose something. I’m trying to emit good vibes and just hope for the best but I’m also extremely cautious…..


street art in Richmond part 2

 i wish i could spend the rest of my life reading Hemingway novels sos